About Revnet

Revnet is a product that gives value to your customers and generates revenue for you.

A recent Ofcom report suggests more than 6 in 10 adults visit a news site daily. Revnet gives you the ability to tap into that market by providing this content free of charge to your customers.

Content is provided by global news providers of multimedia content and services. You can select the categories of content your customers will see as well as add your own editorial content using Revnets Content Management System.

Revnet requires the existing captive audience that you have and provides them something they need, whilst providing added value to your existing services, increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

How much does
Revnet cost?

Because Revnet generates money from advertising it doesn’t cost you a penny!

What do we get
out of it?

You have the customers, we have the platform and as a partnership we split the revenue.

How much can you earn
from Revnet?

We estimate that 5 million sessions would generate a minimum gross of £40,000. Over time our advertising algorithms can grow that exponentially.

The more traffic you send to Revnet the greater the incremental revenue you will earn.

Webmail Homepage

Revnet can become your webmail homepage to generate maximum advertising revenue, much like we have done for TalkTalk and Earthlink.


Get involved

We simply need a sub domain of your business such as: news.yourbusiness.com (or a sub folder: yourbusiness.com/news and you provide a way to direct visitors to the new site.

Our contract term is a minimum of 3 years which gives us plenty of time for our advertising algorithms to work allowing us to mature our bespoke content and revenue generation model.

Who we are

Revnet is a collaboration between 3 partners, experts in their fields with a proven track record, that can provide the best possible portal platform.

Trade House Media

Specialists in Online Advertising revenue generation and optimisation.

Work with over 100 global publishers

Monetizing 1 billion impressions per month

Strategic partnerships with leading supply-side platforms

Sales & operations as a service

Strategic development of proprietary ad inventory


A global news agency.

Supply a wide variety of content to global, national and regional newspapers, digital platforms, magazines and broadcasters

Create and curate the content for you

Feed is updated 24/7 ensuring your platform is always up-to-date

Create engaging content which is ideal for social media


OX App Suite offers everything from email, calendaring to cloud storage and office document editing for your home and your business

Cloud-based webmail services, IMAP and chat over IMAP

Creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations, to syncing and sharing files

Deliver safe communication and secure internet services to end users

Safe, secure and scalable email solutions

Ingelby’s Tasty Revnet Sandwich

Contact us

Get in touch today to find out more about Revnet and how it can work for you.


01252 410 660

Offices in Farnham, Surrey and London.